VPS supports PICU’s around the world to gather granular data elements about populations cared for in pediatric intensive care units. Unit sizes range from 4-72 PICU beds along with a variety of different unit models ranging from 24-hour In-House Attending Coverage to Units with Separate Intermediate ICUs. Numerous drill down opportunities based on PICU characteristics are available including, but are not limited to, Neuro Critical Care (“NCC”), Pediatric Trauma Assessment and Management (“PTAM”) and others.

The community of pediatric critical care colleagues around the world who are dedicated to standardized data sharing, research and benchmarking among pediatric ICUs have grown to rely heavily on VPS’s capabilities and depth of scope; access to over 1.5 million cases. Participants commit to the collection of high quality data elements that are important to understand, evaluate and improve care and outcomes for critically ill children.

The VPS Community collaborates to compare data, determine best practices and improve the overall quality of pediatric critical care. Users may choose to collect data beyond the minimum data elements to create a robust dataset unique to the population of patients they serve.

As of 2014, the State of California made it mandatory that all California-based PICUs must submit their annual VPS reports to the State in the interest to support collaborative efforts and research. Due to the immediate impact this methodology made, other states have begun the initial work to duplicate this approach.

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