Understand your PICU with dashboards and benchmarking built-in

Compare your unit’s demographics

Understand your unit’s demographics to make informed decisions and see how you compare to other PICUs.

Understand your PICU’s

length of stay and severity of illness scores
Your dashboards show benchmarked data so you can understand your PICU’s length of stay and severity of illness.

Monitor and decrease vent days

Review your PICU’s vent days over time to see how you are performing and if Ql efforts are effective at reducing your ventilation usage.

200+ PICUs around the world have trusted VPS to help them make data driven decisions

Track your average daily census

Use your average daily census data to ensure proper staffing and help with long term starting and unit plans.

Share your graphs with your team

Each graph is easily exportable to make sharing quick and easy.

20+ Pre-Built Dashboards are already available for you to access

We have a variety of pre-built dashboards that make it easy for you to get started making data-driven decisions without spending time building a dashboards.