Make data driven decisions for your PICU by creating dynamic custom queries

Filter to the patient populations you care about

Choose the patient population you want to look at based on any data point available in VPS.

Available at your fingertips are critical data points about all your PICU patients

We don’t believe in data sales. Every data point collected is available for you to report on.

We do the data processing, so you don’t have to

There’s no need for post-processing of the data. You can aggregate to get sums, averages and counts on all data points while building your data query.

Don’t repeat work, save your queries

You can save all queries that you build so you can easily run them again later.

Start with a rich library of queries

You don’t need to build your own queries. We offer a rich library of valuable queries that you can access to make getting started as easy as a click.

Share your queries with your team

Simplify collaboration on projects by easily sharing any query with the rest of your team.

Export all your data, anytime

Share data with your statisticians and data analysts via immediate access to your entire data in CSV format.
This feature requires you to share data export permission.