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What We Do

VPS, LLC brings together the pediatric critical care community dedicated to standardized data sharing, benchmarking, quality improvement and research
among pediatric PICUs to improve the care of their patients. High-quality data elements are collected that are important to understand, evaluate and improve
care and outcomes for critically ill children using comparable and customizable reports and dashboards. The VPS Community collaborates to compare data, determine best practices and improve the overall quality of pediatric critical care.


VPS is the Only Way to Truly Benchmark Your PICU’s Performance as a Fundamental
Requirement for Quality Improvement and Improved Patient Care

Quality Patient Care

Compare your unit’s risk adjusted mortality, length of stay, complications and delays in care or discharge to similar PICUs across North America. Identify quality improvement and cost saving opportunities and be able to address them.

Reports from VPS can help justify increasing investment in PICU care and lead to referral growth, from both internal increased post-surgical admissions as well as non-elective referrals from regional Emergency Departments and Pediatric Inpatient Units.

Staffing and allocation of resources can be more effectively determined to assist in optimum care.
Ability to analyze patient length of stay after transfer from the PICU to better understand potential practice changes.

Planning & Performance

Resource Planning:


Compare your PICU to reference groups that have similar programs and unit size to your PICU. Improve effectiveness of existing resources leading to an enhanced financial position and increased fiscal responsibility.

Financial Performance:

Time stamped medical, physical, admission, transfer and discharge data points are available to align financial data and estimate the financial performance of your PICU.
Effectively modify staffing models to shift nursing and other support resources to peak activity times. Ability to improve nursing resources through effective patient assignments.
Track billing performance by physician and APP faculty with VPS provided medical/physical timestamps to compare against billing for date of service. Identify opportunities to improve day of admission and day of transfer/discharge billing.


Developed by Pediatric Critical Care Pioneers for All Pediatric Intensivists Representing Multiple Disciplines
The Largest Pediatric ICU Clinical Database with 1,500,000+ Patient Records from 200+ Institutions
The Largest Pediatric ICU Clinical Database with 1,500,000+ Patient Records from 200+ Institutions
Only Pediatric ICU Database Using Validated Severity of Illness Scores (PIM3, PRISM III, PRISM IV, PICSIM, and STS-EACTS)
Customizable Data Collection and Validation Profiles to Meet the Unique Needs of Individual Units
Web-Based Registry with Instant Access to Comparable Data for Your Institution

Data Elements Covering the Complete Continuum of Care from PICU Admission Through PICU Discharge

How Hospitals Leverage VPS

Children’s Wisconsin used VPS data to build a visual simulation model revealing a barrier to patient care for and PICU care between 3p-6p. This obstruction delayed provider access to patients and PICU care. Rather than adding costly new PICU beds, they launched a critical care nurse practitioners’ program and enhanced the nursing staff by 10%. This resulted in improved patient flow, timely and efficient care and saved the hospital significant unnecessary building costs.

Akron Children’s Hospital has followed trends in quarterly bed and 24h turnover as PICUs have been used to extend emergency triage. This data impacts staffing models to place the right team around the right patient.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas used the quarterly mortality data to monitor for spikes that prompt them to dive deeper into M&M reviews. These deeper dives have led them to initiate improvement projects to correct issues.

What Clinicians Are Saying

Managing resources better into the future has never been more important, and VPS brings the insights needed to improve pediatric intensive care delivery.

Mark Wietecha

President and Chief Executive Officer
Children’s Hospital Association
We used our VPS data to collaborate with state legislators to have two laws passed to help educate primary care providers about abusive head trauma.

Justine O’Flynn, RN

Data System Analyst, Just for Kids Critical Care
Norton Children’s Hospital
Because of VPS’s reporting, we were able to leverage opening up another unit with our current staffing model. We now have two separate units and are able to keep accepting patients from our community.

Paras Khandhar, MD

Pediatric Critical Care
Beaumont Children’s Hospital
We use VPS as a weekly report to ensure we don’t miss any billing in the previous week. We align the VPS reports with our billing database to make sure we don’t miss any applicable billing and ensure no lost revenue

Steven L. Shein, MD

Associate Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital