VPS Cardiac

About VPS Cardiac

VPS Cardiac supports CICU’s around the world, units caring for cardiac medical and surgical patients, to gather granular data elements about populations cared for in pediatric cardiac intensive care units. Unit sizes range from 4 – 72 ICU beds along with a variety of different unit models ranging from 24-hour In-House Attending Coverage to units with Separate Intermediate ICUs.

With over 200,000 cardiac cases (and growing everyday), VPS is a robust source for cardiac comparative reporting, benchmarking, and uses a novel risk adjustment tool developed specifically for the pediatric cardiac surgical population. VPS captures cardiac diagnoses and procedures consistent with STS, to permit uniform classification of patient severity of illness and intensity of service utilization using RACHS, Aristotle, STAT, PICSIM and PRISM.

VPS has developed a novel risk-adjustment score for the pediatric cardiac surgical population: the Pediatric Index of Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Mortality (PICSIM). For cardiac surgical patients, its performance (AUC=0.87) is superior to existing risk-adjustment scores and can only be used via VPS Cardiac.

VPS Cardiac Registry

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