Understand the Current State of Your PICU and Improve Quality, Safety and Efficiency

Examples include Discharge Delay, Bed Turnover and the Impact of Admission and Discharge Activity Over Time with Valid, Comprehensive Clinical Data 

Case Study: Kaiser Northern California presents their discharge delay data, with estimated cost savings, during senior leadership meetings. 

Access Data for National Improvement Collaboratives Such as Solutions for Patient Safety (“SPS”) 

Case Study: Akron Children’s Hospital uses VPS data to standardize reporting for CLABSI and CAUTI. VPS allows them to develop severity-adjusted local rates and exploring acuity-adjusted prevention/interventions.

Case Study: Akron Children’s Hospital has followed trends in quarterly bed and 24h turnover as ICUs have been used to extend emergency triage. This data impacts staffing models to place the right team around the right patient. 

Case Study: Children’s Medical Center Dallas uses the quarterly mortality data to monitor for spikes that prompt them to dive deeper into M&M reviews. These deeper dives have led them to initiate improvement projects to correct issues.

– Explore Associations Between Nutrition Metrics and Clinical Outcomes

– Track Quality Metrics Related to Nutrition Status

– Provides a foundation for local and national collaborative QI projects related to nutrition. Participation ensures the Joint Commission’s nutritional guidelines are being met